Monday, December 26, 2011

To Catch A Predator

Why don’t you have a seat?

Hope everyone had a very Merry and memorable Christmas! =P Apparently the day after Christmas people like to show To Catch a Predator marathons at 11:00 at night because nothing screams 'holiday spirit' like watching some creeper get told off by Chris Hansen! It's even more hilarious when the creeper get's caught by Chris Hansen twice within 24 hours, like this guy!

Seriously what the heck goes through this persons mind? "Haha! I'm so clever! I know Chris Hansen just talked to me about the dangers of going to jail for lewd conduct but that's ok because I still have a computer with an all access chat room! But it would be foolish to change my sexy screen name.. oh look! A 13 year old of the female persuassion. AHAHAHA! I'm getting lucky tomorrow!"
..."I have been in television 24 years"
@#$%^&*!  "I was just gonna get something to eat!" Technically, that's true.... 0_o

Seriously Im curious to know what this guy was thinking?!?!?

Then there's this creepy creeper who has to be my ultimate favorite:

"Oooops!" LOL. What!!!! I don't even... this is just too hilarious for words.

As I was watching this marathon I am starting to notice a few things;

1. The 18 year old decoy always tells the pedo the same thing; "I made some cookies!" "There's some lemonade on the counter have a glass while I put the  laundry away" or "Hey come on in I made some sweet tea."

2. Every man pretty much says the exact same thing.

3. No, Chris Hansen is NOT the girls father you loony bird. Chris Hansen is the guy you do not want to meet in the real world because he appears in your nightmares and wants you to sit the hell down and says things like "What did you have on the menu for tonight?" because he's Chris freaking Hansen and he's awesome.

4. These men are not here to have sex although he brought alcohol and condoms. This girl never said she was a minor. Those chat logs lie, they never wrote anything like that. They took pictures of their non exisentent 'manhood' that they don't derserve to have as a joke! They are only here to play scrabble! Yeah...scrabble. (edit: which I just learned is a euphemism used for sex! People are strange.)

5. "I am only here to warn the child about the hazards of talking to people online!" Because not everyone is
as trusting as the middle aged guy who walked into the kitchen naked!

All joking aside, as much as I love the show, I think it is completely ineffective when they only give the guys caught two or less months in prison. What these idiots are doing is wrong and sick on a lot of different levels and I really wish the show would air new episodes considering there are still a lot of creepers online wanting to do inappropriate things to children and it just disgusts me. I'm not trying to sound harsh, a lot of these people need help, some of them aren't mentally stable and I understand that. However, no treatment method we currently have works for pedophiles and apparently many sex offenders that are convicted confess to having far more victims than the one they were convicted for. It is  kind of hard to cry for them when they are doing things that can affect a childs life in a not so positive way.

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