Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

So I hope everyone here had a terrific Christmas Eve and will have a great Christmas tomorrow! Overall today was just like any other day of the year. My dad came over and we unwrapped gifts and had lunch and stuff which was really fun, but at 3:00 he had to leave due to my mother and myself having to attend our Christmas Eve at my grandmothers house which I was absolutely dreading. When it comes to celebrating the holiday times with my family, I really would rather spend the holidays alone. Christmas is never really about family and love anymore like it used to be. In fact if memory serves me correctly Christmas started out as a tribute to the birth of The Christ as some believe. Now a spiritual thing has been commercialized and said commercialization has become a huge part of the economics of many countries. As for my family, Christmas is about seeing who can possibly make a bigger idiot out of themselves.
When we arrived my grandmother was pretty much already drunk and continuing to poison herself with alcohol- discreetly of course. Because everyone knows if you drink booze in a coffe cup it is less suspicious when you pass out later. As for my cousin, she brought her boyfriend along who I seriously cannot stand. He never speaks a single word to me and I swear that he thinks he is a lot better than the rest of us because he works at a freaking telephone company. During dinner this idiot thinks it would be such a classy idea to watch the game on his cell phone and completely ignore everyone else.Who does that?!?!? He even had the audacity to say to my cousin and myself, and I quote; "This game is life or death! Christmas comes every year! It's almost the 3rd quarter so be quiet!" 0_0 I swear to God if I ever had a boyfriend say something like that to me he would have a really close view of the game-considering his head would be smashed through a television screen!

My cousin was being her usual self only today she seemed a bit less annoying than usual. But hey! let us ruin that by telling me that I need to start liking things girls my age like, her examples included Justin Bieber and The Kardashians. NO. Oh and FYI dear cousin of mine along with your boyfriend, Will Ferrell is not God or a comedic genius. He is a lousy actor who is about as funny as a mass murder. Yelling does not make something funny, especially when it is poorly delivered. Also, Elf is not in the same category as It's A Wonderful Life, comparing the two just shows your idiocy.

My aunt wanted to start drama as she always does so there wasn't anything different about her this holiday season minus the fact that she made a fruitcake with liquor which she claimed "get's you buzzed!" Why on earth would anyone want to eat that? I'm guessing that having a massive hang over on Christmas will not be a fun time!

As for me, instead of hanging out and trying to carry on a conversation with these family members after we all ate and they conversed about their lives and the pathetic people in them, I read. I read children's books to be exact, 28 of them. Nobody even noticed I wasn't speaking until we left and frankly I doubt my voice was missed, it's not like I can get a word in around any of them anyways without being judged or critisized. Lately I have noticed that I can be in a room full of people I have been related to my entire life and after every single person has belittled each other to make themselves seem powerful, it's pretty lonely. It would have basically been the same situation if I was alone for the holidays only maybe my feelings could have been spared.

Tomorrow I am forced to deal with these people again. With any luck all will go well.

Have a Happy Holidays everyone! =)

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