Monday, December 26, 2011


So I hope everyones Christmas has gone well! Surprisingly nothing extraordinarily horrid happened yesterday which is good news considering I was able to relax a little. I didn't really ask for anything for Christmas but I must say that I am thrilled that I recieved The Lion King dvd and a few other things one including a pink bunny pillow pet which is uber adorable!

During Christmas the family went over to my cousins house and ate tacos- because everyone knows tacos are related to the joyous holiday of Christmas!!! =P But the cousins boyfriend was being a complete ass yet again only this time to his black lab which only wanted some attention, and he just starts screaming at it and then throws it outside because she was "getting on his nerves." Well the lab kept starring at me through the window and because I felt incredibly bad I went outside and started playing fetch with it and then let her back inside which apparently was a huge mistake because 10 seconds later said boyfriend was in my face screaming; "Why'd you let her back in here! She's a nuissance and doesn't need to BE in the room! *dogs name* sit!"

Ok first of all everyone was getting along with the dog until you came around, and she wasn't even getting in anyones way or being annoying!  I understand that it is your house but I refuse to tolerate idiots who treat their pets like nuissances.

Because I was getting so irritated with this guy my words to him were: " If she is such a nuissance why don't I just take her home then considering you obviously could care less for her."
His response; "Whatever!" then he walked away annoyed and my family- specifically my cousin, had a few choice words to say to me and that I should basically just 'let it go.' The dog stayed in the house though, she had a Merry Christmas.

Afterwards we all just played UNO and I annihilated everyone considering I won 9 times out of 10. The boyfriend was not amused by this what so ever which made me extremely happy.

Although it was somewhat fun yesterday, this year for me was more about giving. I donated to a few charities of my choice and was able to pick a name off of a tree to help a few kids and their mother who weren't able to do much this year considering the mother was in the hospital due to having cancer. =( I really hope that family and EVERYONE had a great and memorable Christmas. =P

I kind of feel bad though because I only sent out two different Christmas cards this year, hopefully I didn't hurt too many feelings because of this! Oh! And my literature teacher in college told the class that if we wrote a letter to Santa she would personally put it in the mailbox at Macy's because it gave $1 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and because I knew someone in the past involved with Make-A-Wish I thought it would be a nice gesture. Unfortunetley I wasn't able to give it to the teacher because I completely forgot due to the stress of final exams, however I personally made a trip to Macy's when I was at the mall recently just because I wanted to help.

Overall my Christmas was great and I hope everyone out there also had a happy holidays!

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