Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Explanations and Stupidity In Biology

I got my test back from biology today. Let me just tell you that in order to pass the test it would be a wise idea to not even bother looking at the study guide because nothing on the three page study guide is going to be on the test. Obviously I didn't do too well but nobody got a C or higher so I guess that's a good thing. =/ A not so good thing is I learned tonight during lab that in order for me to pass this class and graduate I have to get a good grade on the next test. I do believe that it is time to find a tutor. Have mercy on my soul.

By the way, I'm about ready to kill Mr. Wheelchair guy. For real. Ever time he comes to class (why he's even bothering at this point in time I couldn't tell you), he shows up 25 minutes late, sits right by me and asks what's going on and wishes to engage in conversation with me, which means he is disrupting my learning and note taking. He then starts yelling at me about how I never texted him the notes from all 250 days he's missed. Because I totally have his phone number and should have called him to explain some notes from EIGHT WEEKS AGO. But no, I believe my response to him was;

I read it in his Voice :p

For real. Why does this guy continue to show up? I'm barely passing and I only missed ONE CLASS.

The other thing about this fool is that every time he decides to show up he freaking talks to people on his phone and my professor doesn't even seem to care! I flipped out on him today because of this.
Guy on other end of phone: Hey man wassup? (Yeah, let's use speakerphone, that will OBVIOUSLY NOT CAUSE ANY DISTRACTIONS!)
Him: I aint doin  much, you?
Guy on phone: You busy?
Him: Nah not really, whats up?

Me: Hey can you please put your phone away. Please?
Him: (to me) Shh! Ah no man, just telling a girl to shut up.
Me: SHHH me again and I will break your face!
Him: Yeah I better go. No wait? Sandra's b-day party is today? Nah man, Ill be there.
Me: Hang up.
Him: Girl I told you to chillax.
ALRIGHT THAT'S IT. My name is not girl and Nobody NOBODY tells me to chillax or SHH's me.
Me: If you don't hang up RIGHT NOW I'm going to f***ing throw your mother f***ing cell phone across the room.
Him: (completely avoiding me) Sandra be tight!
Me: (takes the cell phone out of his hand, turns the phone off, then places it on the other side of the table)
Him: HEY! Why you take my cell phone? THAT'S THIEVERY AND RUDE!
Me: No. What's rude is forcing  people to listen to your stupid conversation in the middle of class. Not only is it rude but it's disrespectful as well.
Him: STFU girl I wasn't done talking!
Yeah, this conversation makes me sound like a crazy freak but let me tell you that I have put up with this guys crap for too long. And I must have said that last part pretty crazily or I possibly looked crazy while saying it because he didn't have anything else to say to me after that, nor did he answer his phone again or call anyone. But why telling him to not use a cell phone in the middle of class was my job I couldn't tell you. You would think our professor would care or notice by the 12th time he's done it but she sadly has not and that is unsettling to think about.

Then after class there is lab. Stupid phone guy sits right by me in lab and I have to explain to him that our extra credit is due today, which was write on a topic of your choice which has two sides. Because he doesn't have his extra credit he starts telling the professor that it's her fault that she didn't inform him of the extra credit. Well here's a little idea; READ YOUR FREAKING SYLLABUS. So he tells her that he has to go back to the classroom to get his cigarettes and notebook which was a huge lie considering our classroom is only downstairs and is wheelchair accessed and he took about an hour or so to come back. Plus he came back with a typed up extra credit paper. What a miraculous find he found! Then he wants to know what we're doing in lab. Maybe if you were here and participating and listening you would know the answer to that question! Because I started ignoring him at this point he starts yelling at me and another girl on how we want to make him fail. Uh no, you are doing that all by yourself, don't you dare blame me for your problems. It is not my requirement to help someone who doesn't seem to want help.

Getting back to the extra credit thing, if you explained what you wrote about in class you got 5 extra points. I didn't explain my paper and missed out on the 5 extra points because last time I tried explaining one of my papers I started crying and didn't want to go through that again. By the way, giving a presentation is NOT the same as acting. If I have to remind someone of this again I am going to be very angry. Here is how that conversation usually goes.
Me: I don't like presenting.
Person: But you want to go into acting. It's the same thing!!!
Person: Yeah it is! You should love presenting!
Me: No. They are two completely different things. When you are on stage you have lines. When you have to give an explanation of something during a presentation you don't have the words written down for you.
Me: Lines= good Randomly saying stuff= bad

I was not blessed with the gift of incredible explanation. There are people who can explain things and say really wonderful words off the top of their head but I am not one of those people. Most people in my class could explain what they did their research paper on and they sounded all neat and used words like "exemplification" and "harvest" and "narrowing."  I could never use such clever words in a sentence spoken aloud. When I try to explain anything aloud (especially in a setting with a lot of people) I tend to do one of two things.
1. Cry
2. Stupidly explain what my paper says but make it sound like I don't know WTH I'm talking about.
This is only when I have to explain things in detail though, without a piece of paper. Give me a power point or a poster and they help me not sound idiotic.

I can write so many amazing words down such as "narrowing" but I can't say them aloud which is kind of strange. I can recite lines but when I have to say something off the cuff  I fail miserably. Just thought I would throw that random fact about me out there.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful December so far!!!

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