Monday, December 9, 2013

Steak n' Shake, Flowers, and Dickens

Today in my biology class we had to count off in fours to do a group assignment to present next class. In this class I am all for randomly selecting groups based on the fact that the group I'm always stuck with sucks. I was familiar with everyone in my group with the exception of this one guy who I'm pretty sure has only been to one class at the beginning of the semester because I remember sitting somewhat by him earlier in the year. But this guy is in my group and he surprisingly knows what the hell he is talking about which I found extremely great because nobody else in the group seemed to have a clue and two of the girls kept rambling about going to Steak n' Shake after class.

But this guy listened to everyone elses non-realistic ideas while he was working on how to actually answer the question we received and then explained everything to the entire group without sounding demeaning or arrogant or like we had to use his idea. Hooray for non-demeaning/non-arrogant people! After a minute or so one of the Steak n' Shake girls speaks up and says "This is a stupid question! I don't even ask questions because whenever someone asks a question they sound stupid." Alright girl, you sound stupid by just saying that aloud and not keeping the thought in your head. This guy then responds to Ms. Steak n' Shake by saying “Ask no questions, and you'll be told no lies.” I found that a really odd thing to say at the time and didn't think anything more of it until lab when I realized that this guy quoted Mr. Charles Dickens. WHERE HAS THIS GUY BEEN THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE SEMESTER?!?!?

However, I do believe that I may have seemed a bit of a moron to him. I will admit right now that I am having trouble comprehending the genetic chapters in biology and have no freaking idea how to create a punnett square. I at least had a grasp on the concepts before these last few chapters and now I am completely lost. Great. The one and only person all semester who does not make me want to stab something and I don't know what is going on in the class. This is just dandy. Dandelion dandy this is! Plus I drew a flower on the worksheet because the worksheet was talking about flower growth and I wanted to contribute in some way!

^ Replica of my flower drawing.

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