Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Well merry day after Christmas. I hope all of you who celebrate had a super fantastic time! As for those who don't celebrate Christmas, I hope you had a wonderful day too!

The family Christmas this year was kind of put together at the last minute considering my grandma and aunt had absolutely no power for two days. My grandma came over to my house on Monday because it would have been absolutely terrible if me and my mom left her to catch her death in a no heated house with no light. She came over at around 6:30 am which I must admit is the time I am usually still asleep, but for some reason I thought it a good idea to get up as soon as she came over.

Throughout the day we played cards and watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation which is probably the funniest Christmas movie ever and if you think differently then you are wrong. Me and my mom also baked about 100 of those Pillsbury break away cookies and gave about 95% of them away to our neighbors and other family members. At around 3:00 me and my grandma went back to her house to see if her electricity came back (it didn't) and took a few things out of her freezer to bring to our house. She also brought a few of her alcoholic beverages and because she is an alcoholic and because some of my druggy neighbors were outside she made me carry them into the house because God forbid anyone sees her with booze! She drank about three Bloody Mary's and then left to go see my aunt and we didn't hear from her until Christmas afternoon.

As for Christmas, I got up early with my mom, we opened our gifts then had donuts for breakfast, which is something I look forward to every year because that is the only time I ever eat donuts. But those few hours were the best out of my entire day.

 For the rest of the day everyone went over to my cousins house for food and family time. As soon as I walked in the door I was greeted with a dog biting me and barking up a storm. According to my aunt "The dog only bit me because it doesn't KNOW me." I don't care. That's not acceptable. I don't wish to offend anyone, but from my experiences, chihuahua's are the worst dog ever.

We all then opened gifts and my aunt had to be extremely rude to everyone and make everyone feel terrible about themselves. My grandma brought her boyfriend or I'm sorry, her 'friend' over this Christmas and the first thing my aunt says to him is; "So have you and >insert grandmothers name< f***ed yet?" Who asks that? Why is it any of your business and WHO CARES? Way to make this guy feel really uncomfortable for absolutely no reason! I think my aunt's problem is that she thinks she's funny when she embarasses people but truth be told, she's just rude and she has a tendency to need attention and if the attention isn't on her 24/7 the she'll make someone feel bad so the conversation can lead to her life stories and what not.

At dinner my grandmothers boyfriend was talking about how his power went out and what not, but of course that can't be a conversation when my aunt is in the room. How dare this guy talk about something other than her! So of course she starts telling a story about how HER power has been off for DAYS and how SHE had to go to her basement to find candles and how SHE almost fell down the stairs which would have caused HER to miss work tomorrow. Because I was getting tired of listening to her stories about herself I said out loud in a sarcastic fashion; "I don't think we were talking about you." Well this lead to her screaming at me, calling me a worthless b**ch and how I am the rudest kid she's ever met and no wonder people like my ex-best friend don't hang out with me anymore." Alrighty then. Let's point out all the very nice things my aunt has done up to that point;
1. Asked my grandmothers boyfriend insanely personal questions
2. Went on private property and stole a sled out of some deceased guys house and gave it to my grandmother for Christmas
3. Told her daughter that she needed to start being more demanding towards her fiance. (story about that whole mess below).
4. Made a whole bunch of backhanded comments towards everyone, so many that I can't even list them all or remember to write them all down.
5. Told me that I needed to start dressing like someone my age and to start wearing thongs because that is how I'll get a boyfriend. X_X
6. Asked my grandmother if she had any money left after she payed for her brand new car.
7. Told my mom that she was "lazy" because she didn't make chex mix this year for the first time ever.

But I'm the rude one. Whatever helps her sleep at night I guess.

After that entire mess my cousin starts yelling at her boyfriend for five minutes on why he is a terrible person. I can't think of one occasion where this hasn't happened.  But nothing says Merry Christmas like screaming at your future husband about why he sucks. And for the record this guy is actually super nice and in my honest opinion way too good for my cousin. But it's not my life and if he wants to put up with her yelling at him 24/7 about what a worthless person he is and how she could leave him at any moment then more power to him.

But other than that Christmas family time was the same usual suckiness, but at least we had food so I'm not going to continue to complain about the company I kept when many people out in the world barely have any food to eat on this holiday let alone any other day of the year. I was thinking about going to a shelter to help out but sadly the closest shelter near where I live is 20 or so miles away.

 I called my dad after the dinner and asked him why his family never gets together anymore for Christmas or why he doesn't invite them down. Because he was drinking heavily when I called he thought it would be fun to call me a stupid bitch and to scream at me about how he will NEVER get his family together for the holidays.

 My mom told me that the only way I can get out of Christmas family dinner time with my whacko family is to get a boyfriend and have him invite me over to his house for Christmas. So that means I'm pretty much stuck with these whackos forever.

But I'm really hoping that all of my blog readers Christmas (or day)  went well and I truly hope to start blogging more in the new year! Happy holidays!!!

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