Sunday, June 23, 2013


I am getting tired of people being so unorganized.

First my acting class got cancelled because the little doofuses who run the class never got their stuff together and I was told only last week that the class got cancelled for the area I was going to but good news! If I still want to go they can take me and another 500 kids on a bus to and from some gangster area in another state in November. No thanks. I wanted to take this class by the beach in my own state and I am not a huge fan of two hour bus tours unless I am in California and Mr. Demetrius Washington is driving. And I wasn't even the one who was told of the cancellation, they emailed my mom who I only wrote down as an emergency contact. Not cool acting class people, not cool at all. Unorganized buffoons is what you people are!

I then learned today that Diva Dave is directing yet another play at college, once again a not very well known one thank God. If you read my Third Dimension of Hell post you would know that I can't freaking stand Diva Dave. He's holding auditions this Thursday and expects everyone to have a three minute monologue memorized by then. Having a monologue is REQUIRED so you can get cast. What the hell Diva Dave, our theatre department doesn't even require monologues at auditions and even if they did it would only be the length of ONE MINUTE considering that's how long 99% of monologues are. Nobody wants to hear a person talking for three minutes, there is only so much you can do and if you aren't displaying your skills once you start reading and fail to display them after a minute then that means you are a time wasting douchebag. Now let's get this straight I have a variety of monologues I could use for this but I'm not going to because Diva Dave already has his cast picked out. Two female and eight male parts. One girl on his Facebook has already been cast. Right on. However this needs to be asked; why is Diva Dave the one in charge of this? Who gave him this authority? Because let me tell you if I find out there was a voting of some sort and some idiots picked out this guy to be their leader I am going to be madder than an assortment of paprika on a Sunday. That last sentence makes absolutely no sense but I don't care!

Then today someone from my film class specifically emailed me asking me what was due Tuesday because they left class early cuz "they were so hung over and didn't take notes. LOL." Oh I don't know maybe if you stayed for the entire class period you would know what was going down! And reading your syllabus is another way you could find out exactly what's due Tuesday. COMMON SENSE.

I am done with the unorganized. If you are an unorganized person please get organized, especially if your lack of organization is affecting those around you.

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