Sunday, June 16, 2013

Living Life In A Lifestyle Way

Hope everyone out there who is a father had a happy Father's Day today. I was unable to spend it with my dad because he's in the upper peninsula at the moment and won't be home until this Thursday.

Anyways, what in the world has been going on in my life?

Well a few days ago I had my first exam in my film class. I didn't find it to be horrendously hard but I am well aware that I missed a few multiple choice questions. Also, I'm pretty sure I will be knocked down some points because I kept calling the hats the British guys were wearing "colonial hats." I'm actually rather curious as to what other name there could possibly be for a hat that looks like this;

But I'm getting my grade back Tuesday and can only hope that it is good.

I also seemed to have lost my voice last week. Probably from me and my mom yelling so much or possibly from singing but let me just say that I hate nothing worse than losing my voice. If I don't have my voice I feel like I am not a true person and am an alien from Mars. Nobody will ever know how hard it is being me and not being able to talk. I found that chamomile tea does help a little along with taking an entire bag of Ricola's. By the way I've never had a Ricola before and they are quickly becoming one of my favorite things. Thank you Switzerland!

On Saturday I was unable to sleep thanks to the stupid little crickets that kept chirping their heads off. Not only do they chirp 24/7 but they chirp in a NON SYMMETRICAL way and never shut up! I had to move five different times but that didn't even help because those little bastards could be heard everywhere! Plus the birds in my neighborhood have a tendency to sing at unreasonable times once the crickets stop chirping. I am never going camping, nature is trying to drive me insane.

Today my mother moved my computer desk against the wall for some reason and when I asked why the desk was there she turned around and sprayed Pledge in my eye. I drained my eyes for at least 15 minutes with water then put some eye drops in. The chemical didn't technically get inside my eye considering I closed them once I saw the yellow can pointed toward me, but either way it's not like I have a car or friends or anyone who would be willing to take me to the emergency room even if the stuff did penetrate my eyeball. I know a lot of you right now are probably going ASDJHGKGMB THAT'S ABUSE! Yes, I can understand why you may see it that way, but to be fair she was cleaning the desk and had absolutely no intentions of blinding me...hopefully. She felt quite bad afterwards but probably not as bad as I did with the lemon chemical stuff in my eye. That is painful and if any of you out there are going "Oh I wonder what lemon Pledge feels like IN MY CORNEA" let me just tell you that it sucks and it hurts and I am going to strongly encourage you to never find out what it feels like.

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