Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Green Dress And No High Heels

So today I decided to wear a dress because it's about 85 degrees outside and because frankly I just love dresses and haven't worn one in awhile. I felt pretty and girly and happy until I had to go to my film class. One of the guys who sits a few seats next to me said, and I quote "That dress would look better with heels." Um what? Why do you care so much about my footwear? It's a green floral dress and I am wearing black flip flops, calm down. If I was wearing sparkly violet loafers I would understand where you are coming from but even then you have no business telling me what would be "more acceptable" to wear.  I then told him that I hated heels because I am never able to walk in them, which is true, and his response to that was; "Well all girls should like wearing heels." Should they? Thank you sir for informing me of how my opinion is wrong and how I should absolutely adore things that kill my feet. Oh but he didn't wish to shut up there! He then proceeds to go on and on about "How my girlfriend would look better in that dress because she would wear better shoes and has larger breasts." WOAH. You know what you need to do dude? You need to worry about yourself. I really could care less about your girlfriend and her breast size. Seriously, why should anyone be so concerned over this? It's stupid freaking comments like this that make me so self conscious even when I'm feeling like a pretty iguana lady. I am going to wear whatever I wish to wear along anything that makes me happy whether people like it or not.

Then to make this day even better, before I even walked in to the college some guy I have never even seen before in my life thinks it a fun idea to run up to me and DEMAND that I give a note to a girl in my class. Too bad Shelby C. Bridges is not, nor has ever been one of my classmates and even if she was there are better ways to go about asking me to deliver a note. Handing me a piece of folded paper then saying "You're gonna give this to Shelby. She's in your class." is not the way of going about this. Actually I would prefer it if nobody ever told me to deliver a note again. I do not wish for Mr or Mrs. Postman person to be out of a job. I of course looked at the note because to be completely honest most people would do that, and the note is basically begging her back to be his girlfriend. He is very sorry about going to the club and cheating on her and baby bug it was only a one time thing so you gotta still crave my cuddles. RIIIGHT. WHY WOULD YOU GIVE THIS TO ME? Do I  look like I am a person who is not going to read this or laugh at something like "crave my cuddles." This absolutely disturbs me! CUDDLY CRAVINGS IS A DISTURBING THING TO SAY! And not that I would know much about relationships, but if I was dating this jackass and he called me a bug I would be very offended! Why couldn't you just text her? Silly little boy. He should be thanking me and counting his fortune cookies that Shelby was not in my class.

We got our exams back today as well and I got a freaking C+. WTF?!?!? I am so ashamed of myself. I studied so hard for this test and only ended up with a C+ because I made some terrible and stupid and pure idiotic mistakes. Now I am mediocre. Being mediocre is not cool. Neither is being boring. I have suddenly come to the conclusion that everyone in my class is lame. Practically everyone in my life is boring. Why does nobody fun exist in my life? Why does everyones life consist of being "chill." I am so very tired of chill people who just go by in life doing what society tells them to do. Nobody skips to class, everyone walks. A lot of the time the people in my life are not seen wearing bright colors, they wear the colors of a funeral home. Nobody at my college wishes to hopscotch during break, most kids will either sit in the room and chill or go outside and smoke while chilling. I really do think I need something exciting to happen or just to meet someone exciting because if I see one more human being "just chilling" I am going to lose it.

Speaking of my non-exciting life, I would like to point out that to be an exciting person does not mean you have to be an idiot or a complete jerk. For example, one girl in my class told the girl next to me today that she got an invitation to her ex-boyfriends wedding. She then went on and on about her plans to upstage the bride. NO. If you are a girl out there and plan to go to a wedding to upstage someone I must ask, have you no shame? I don't care if the bride is your worst enemy, YOU DO NOT UPSTAGE THE BRIDE. EVER.  I swear if I was getting married and a stupid girl decided to show up in a white dress, I would have their head. Then I would throw their body in a river. You don't screw with a bride on her wedding day. And another rule of thumb for weddings is  if you are a guy, under no circumstance is it ok to propose to your girlfriend before or during the wedding or it's reception. Announcing your new engagement is also a big no no for both sexes.

And speaking of weddings, it is becoming less and less likely that I will ever have one. During break today in my film class everyone thought weddings and pregnancies needed to be a topic of conversation. The conclusion was that everyone should be married by the age of 27 and 20 is the proper age for someone to have a child. I'm 22 and have never had a boyfriend. But I have two cats and I guess that's good enough for me.

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