Sunday, April 29, 2012


Many MANY people have heard of the infamous Tara Gilesbie. If not, lucky you! Tara Gilesbie is known for writing a terrible Harry Potter fanfic titled My Immortal under the name xXxbloodyristsxXx.

Well said author under that name has created two more stories for our enjoyment! Now I'm almost positive it's a Tara impersonator but the author has her writing style down so we can overlook that! 
Behold, TWO NEW STORIES from the best author ever!

I will admit that I am a big fan of terrible fanfiction. Nothing in the world makes me laugh as hard as writers making terrible stories with horrid spelling mistakes and adding in random things to make their story sound more believable. Because of Tara's new stories I am influenced to continue my commentary on on My Immortal just so I can start in on the new ones!

Now I shall leave you to read the stories, I am not responsible for any tears of blood you may cry while reading these. 

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