Sunday, April 1, 2012

Let's Do The Time Warp Again!

Today me,my dad, and unfortunately his girlfriend and her even more horrible daughter went to go see a local stage production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Now Rocky Horror is a movie that is quite terrible (in a good way) and isn't something you watch alone but everyone loves it anyways- I'm one of those people. Sadly I have never been to a screening of it before or a stage production so it was my idea to go see it. My dad was actually the one to inform me about this 'cult classic' when I was about 18 so I offered to take him with me to see this and as soon as the word of his girlfriend tagging along came up I regretted my decision. Why you may ask? This lady has no theatre etiquette what so ever!

I have gone to shows with her before- professional BROADWAY/WEST END SHOWS. And she whistles. At every single one. I cannot even begin to tell you how disturbing that is, it reminds me of nails on a chalkboard. Not to mention that if I am sitting by her it makes me go half deaf! I swear to God if I went alone to see a production and someone next to me started whistling me and them would be having a long chit chat after the show. In the alley. Involving a baseball bat. You do not whistle at a show that people have paid money for, some over $100!  Hell, you shouldn't whistle at a show at all, for again, it is bad etiquette! 
Seriously this is how all the performances with her and her whistling have went:

-Phantom of the Opera- She whistled after the boat scene, Music of the Night, and Masquerade, and the fight in the graveyard. WHO WHISTLES DURING PHANTOM?!?!? That's right, nobody because magical lasso's and hanging men are nothing to whistle about!
- RAIN- Now I can understand why someone would whistle during this, The Beatles rock even if they are only look alike imitations of the four originals. However songs such as Eleanor Rigby should have a sad or understanding feeling, not a 'let's whistle during the lyric of "Eleanor Rigby died in the church and was buried along with her name. Nobody came." because that is just foolish.
- The Wizard of Oz- In this production for the scene when Dorothy was locked alone inside the room in the witch's castle they showed a projector on screen showing Aunt Em and then the witch. When the witch showed up she whistled. I even knew the thing was pre-recorded and that the lady couldn't hear her. 
And all this leads up to
-The Rocky Horror Picture Show-  She whistled about 500 times for no other reason than to be a loud, obnoxious idiot. The sad thing was I knew some people sitting in the theatre and I somehow ended up sitting by her which made the experience unenjoyable and embarrassing

Another embarrasing moment? Accidently sitting in someone elses reserved seat. The director got down from the stage before the show began and started yelling at me specifically about how some college professor was expected to arrive any moment and that my seat was reserved for him and his wife and how I'm a disrespectful little girl. I had no idea how I was supposed to react to that so I just moved down near the incredibly loud orchestra on the left side of the stage (my dad, his girlfriend, and her daughter following behind me) and sat there considering they were the only available seats left. 

But the show was really good and fun. But you couldn't throw things on the stage (darn!) One of the girls in the cast even designed all of the costumes which looked incredible. All of the actors were great with the exception of Rocky who I think they only cast as a last minute thing because they were desperate. Overall it was an 8/10 which is a good score to give for a college production. 

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