Sunday, April 29, 2012

Things Children Should Grow Up With/Know

I live across the street from a daycare center. Now usually I tend to just avoid whatever goes on there because I could seriously care less and have better things to do than stalk little 5 year olds. 0_o 

However today I was up in my room writing when some class from the daycare went outside and started talking obnoxiously LOUD about what they learned today. My daycare was pretty darn horrendous but thank God we never had to do stuff like that because my response would have more than likely have been "I learned I hate all of you!"

All of the kids said something about how "I learned how to count to 10!" or something like that. Good, counting is important. Then the teacher lady told them that they could go home and that tomorrow they would be watching Pocahontas. None of the kids had any idea what or who that was. Yes, the Disney movie is historically inaccurate but that's no excuse to NOT have your kids watch the movie or teach them about her!

So that lead me to an important question. What should children grow up with and know so they don't become the next cast of The Jersey Shore?
What I came up with;

1. Barbie/Power Rangers/ Legos or some toy they can be obsessed with
2. Disney movies!- And I don't mean WALL-E. I mean the classic Disney; Cinderella, Snow White, The Lion King, The Aristocats, Aladdin, Mulan, etc.
3. Know the continents,oceans, great lakes, the states capitals, general geography.
4. Know what the Holocaust is.
5. Coloring books or anything that makes the child be creative
6.  Jumprope or anything that makes the child active
7. Know that the Titanic was an actual event and not just a movie
8. Know their state flower and reptile and all that jazz
9. Know the Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem 
10. Manners and politeness
11. How to count money
12. Pacman/ Mario
13. That putting plastic in the microwave is a bad idea
14. Know that the Edmund Fitzgerald was also an actual event and not just a song
15. Fairy tales or any other type of story
16. David Bowie/The Beatles =P

If anyone comes up with anything else (for I am sure I missed a lot) you can comment below! 

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