Monday, April 23, 2012


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I am not a coffee fan. Nay, I despise coffee. I also despise cappuccinos, frappuccino mocha whatevers, espresso's and basically anything mixed with coffee- ok, coffee cake being the exception but that's more cinnamon anyways. However if I was on a deserted island and coffee was the only thing there I would probably force myself to drink it... and then die.

I am seriously more of a tea drinker. I will drink any flavor of tea you give me (minus the whole sugar induced kind) and I will probably like it. 

Now why am I writing a blog on coffee? I went to Barnes and Noble today and on the side of the store there is a little Starbucks area. Granted I have never technically been inside a true Starbucks but I am not that disappointed with it. I see people at college with little Starbucks drinks in there hands all the time and it makes me a bit disturbed seeing people throw $8.00 away like that on a 12 oz coffee. I'm a death by energy drink fan and usually those don't cost me more than $1.50.

Today when I was at Barnes and Noble I was getting thirsty so I bought a square Fiji water bottle and the guy I bought it from handed me a slip of paper which made me find out that Starbucks has a secret menu! 0_o Now I'm sure most coffee/Starbuck's addicts already knew about this but it seems a bit odd to me to make a menu 'secret' and then give it out to five foot tall girls who buy water bottles. Yeah, more than likely that guy is losing his job for handing out Starbuck's secret things to random pedestrians. 

But to anyone who is interested here is the secret menu. Have fun.

Starbucks Secret Menu

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