Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cold Water Challenge!

Here are my two cents about the cold water challenge. 
This is absolutely ridiculous. So ridiculous that the word absolutely doesn't even cover how freaking stupid I think this is. 

What the challenge is;
 People jump into freezing water then they will tag their friends below their video post claiming that if they don't do the challenge (jump in some type of cold water) then they have to donate $100 to charity. If the tagged people listen to you and attempt the challenge it's the charity of the idiots choice, if the tagged person tells you to eff off then the tagger forces those people to donate money to THEIR charity, which could be a charity titled "Ricky's Student Loans" for all we know. 

Either way,  if you don't jump into some cold water you HAVE to give money to your friends charity. Because your friend told you to. And you HAVE to listen to your friend because they CHALLENGED you.

Or a better explanation of what this challenge is from a guy on Tumblr;
Cold water challenge is something some asshats in the country in ohio seem to be doing just for kicks, even though they say it’s for charity but if you ask what the charity is they have no idea, the concept is that you get tagged by someone who’s done the challenge and then you go out to your pond (since we’re in the country we swim in ponds) and jump in the freezing cold water (because it’s Ohio and the water’s about 45 degrees.) and then you have to swim back to shore and stand in the cold while you tag three people you want to do the same challenge. What’s stupid is they don’t realize they can get hypothermia and their muscles can spasm and they can drown. So not only is the point stupid, but the things that could possibly happen is stupid as well. 

^Dude makes a very good point. 

But the main point I'd like to make is, you don't HAVE to do anything. I know someone out there right now will be like; "Haha if you don't do anything then you owe my charity money." No. No. No. I GIVE YOU AND YOUR CHARITY NOTHING. You're not getting $100 just so you can donate it to a charity of YOUR choice because I don't accept this peer pressure BS could-catch-hypothermia challenge. I will give my money to the charities I picked to donate to years ago and you can go tie yourself to a tree because I'm not dealing with you and I'm sure as hell not paying you because I don't feel like being an icicle. 

Not to mention 99% of the people doing this aren't even donating to charity. Rather, they are jumping in water in their hot new swimsuits just to show off. Because as we all know, social media will always transform something meant for a good cause into something about you. Sad but true statement.

At my old house I used to jump in my pool whenever we opened it in like May, and it was cold and I swam in it for 20 minutes or so. And I never got any money. OR hypothermia. I think I got lucky on that last one but I did it because I'm badass, not because someone pressured me to do it. I just watched 5 of these videos where some fools are going into the water for 2 seconds then running out because of the coldness factor. Or screeching then running out like a duckling who just got separated from it's flock. You people are weak. At least try to last 30 seconds, give us that. Or better yet, you can try staying in the water for 24 hours which is the time frame you have given all the people you have challenged to be charitable to charity.

"But I only have 10 seconds of recording on my Iphone!" is not an excuse to be lame. Use a camcorder, those things do still exist. Or better yet, don't do the challenge! Brilliant ideas I have sometimes.

I've seen about 20 idiots on my Facebook jumping into cold water so far. Life choices, ya'll need to make BETTER ONES.  You should donate to a charity because you want to donate to a charity, not because your stupid friend tagged you in a stupid post on a stupid social networking site for stupids.  Being nominated through social media to donate money to some charity is absurd. And when something is absurd, we talk about it and laugh at the absurdity on this blog. 
Some FB posts;

  • I can't believe I took the #crazygirlstatus- More like hashtag attentionseekerstatus. You CHOSE to accept the challenge. 
  • CWC4TW- I can actually understand this (sadly.) Cold water challenge for the win!!! Uh... you don't win any cool points when you jump into cool water unless you are a polar bear.

  • My boy Kenny done did the cold water challenge- Note to readers; NEVER say "done did."
  • Im gonna cry! Just got tagged for the cold water challenge!- Save your tears girly gumdrops. You'll be crying a lot more when you jump into that leech filled pond.
  • I love watching all of these cold water challenge videos. So simple, so fun, and so helpful.- You are living in la la Land if you really think these videos are 'helpful' to a cancer patient in any way.
  • Your going to hell if you don't do the cold water challenge- Yaaay! Hell time! I hear that place can be hot.

Now, if anyone decides to tag me for this stupid STUPID thing
Or better yet, I will find you. Then I will find a freezing body of water then place your head under the water for a long time. Then we will see what happens. Probably nothing good.

I shall now leave you all on a happier note unrelated to lameness with Bill Cosby dancing in a challenging way.


  1. I am an older woman, so what about all those out there who are NOT in good health? Not only are they NOT suitable for this kind of idiocy but we are talking about life endangerment! If these challenges continue, someone is going to get hurt or worse DIE! You hit the nail on the head when you use the term stupid, it is exactly THAT! Another facet about this whole obserdity is this; when and how did it come about that OTHERS obtained the RIGHT to choose how/when we spend OUR money???? They do not have the RIGHT to give ultimatums to anyone cold water challenge or not, to tell someone else you either do this or you OWE us 100.00 (pay up buttercup!). That is illegal and THEY are totally OUT OF LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope something nips this in the bud soon! Thank you for letting me voice my concerns :)

  2. You pretty much said it!=) Those who are not in good health and attempt to do this knowing the consequences are absolutely ridiculous. I live in Michigan and I read somewhere that someone from this state is now paralyzed after doing this challenge.
    The news article about the guy (if you're interested):
    I'm sure others have been hurt from the challenge as well but I haven't heard of anyone dying yet, thank goodness! And yeah, nobody has the right to tell someone they owe them money because they didn't want to jump in some water. That is probably the biggest problem I see with this entire thing. A lot of people cannot afford to give $100 to charity let alone even pay for their next meal. Like you said, it is probably illegal but I'm not sure on what grounds yet. I haven't seen a hash-tag or anything relating to this challenge in awhile so hopefully it is coming to a close. And thank you so much for voicing your concerns about this. The concerns need to be voiced! =D


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