Sunday, April 13, 2014

Idiots on Facebook Round 6!

Worki on the Chevy.... Hahaha with skill- HAHAHA! As opposed to working on the chevy WITHOUT skill!

Just a day shooting guns.... Do i have to mention she looks damn sexy  love ya babe- But what does shooting a gun have to do with a sexy lady? Unless of course you are calling the gun sexy and telling it that you love it, which I guess that is not my place to question. 

Shes looking sexy now!!! With the 33 in the front and 35 in the back.... Hillbilly Nascar right thur.... Now i just need 2 more 33 lazt!- When has everyone suddenly become sexy?!?!? Grr. I don't know what those numbers mean but you just said Hillbilly Nascar and that is reason enough for me to avoid you forever. And is lazt truly a word? Or have we really become so lazy that typing 'lazy' out on our keyboard is too much of a hassle? I think I am going to try using lazt in every day conversation from now on, like this;

Person: You're a girl!

More day week. Anyone feel like finding some trouble tomorrow night? — (Tags 28 people)- I'm not even surprised how this guy tagged all his "troublesome" friends. I'm more curious as to what a day week is

Been out in the woods all day got the ranuoger a lil muddy an found out jeep is bad ass hahaha jus gotta go fast.- Yes. It is always a swell idea to drive at a fast pace, especially when a friendly park ranger/police man catches you. And here's some advice incase you wish to have any future endeavors with your ranuoger jeep thing; mud does not make any motor vehicle camouflaged

Trashy people goona break in my car steal my wallet money an tryed to get my cd player but they wow f*** u trash @ss people!- What on earth are you trying to spell to me you awkward young heathen?

Staying hr all week my baby girl should be her soon I hope mybe can't wait to see her- So you may be seeing your girlfriend hopefully maybe? This sounds alarming! Maybe you should give her a call and ask her if she's still alive! That may be helpful!

For everyone 4 thinks I have changed in thy last year us are right I have changed but it's for the best I had to grow up for my d8er single parent you have to gret up and do thingz yes it was my choice but it was all for ma little princess I didn't change because of anyone and if people don't like how I have changed then it's whatever.

A good question; HOW do people like this reproduce?!?!? And you know her daughters a brat, you just know it! 

My hand hurts bad, I havent hand written a paper in like 10 years lol, but im almost done with it, feeling excided to go back to school, hoping everything goes good- Now this is not the most horrible post in the entire world, but it is a foreign concept to me considering I always hand write everything before typing it up (usually.) I'm not one of those people who can sit at a computer and think of creative words right off the bat while staring at a blank screen. That probably sounds weird, but it's kind of how I am. 

Question time! 
What is the strangest thing you have ever read or seen on Facebook? Comment below! =)

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