Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I Could Have Been British!

Oh the things one get's to learn each day.

Today I found out that I could have been British! My mom told me a long time ago that she lived in England for three years five years after she graduated high school. Pretty cool right? Now here's the not so cool part, she was dating a guy and he asked her to marry him but considering she was like 23 years old (only a year older than me) she said no and lost all contact with him. But if they did marry then I probably would not have been born so I guess it's for the best, right?

But let's pretend that I was born and this British guy was my father and my mom got a spouse visa and all that, that would make me British! That would make so much sense! If I was British I could drink tea everyday and eat scones and it would be socially acceptable to read Shakespeare and speak to the kind folks at the local cafe about the latest Downton Abbey episode. 

Then we would all go chimney dancing with penguins into the moonlight.
...Or not. 

Hooray for stereotyping! =P 
No worries though. I'm an American and I drink about a zillion gallons of tea a week and absolutely love Downton Abbey and think Kate Middleton is fabulous. But I am aware that every single person in England may not like or do that! 

 But I am proud to be an American, just not Bruce Springsteen proud. Actually, I'm still waiting for the day when we find out Springsteen was actually born in Canada.

That's my story for the day. Happy January 22nd!!! 

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