Tuesday, January 21, 2014

High School Reunion

It's happening. I'm scared.

 It's been five years since I graduated from high school and I can honestly say that I don't miss anything about it or anyone from my class. Only about five of the forty seven people I graduated with are my friends on Facebook and as for everyone else, I could truly care less about them. If I don’t friend you on Facebook it’s because I don’t want to SEE you because I don't LIKE you. 

I'm seriously thinking I won't attend. High school was one of the worst times in my life. Why would I want to go to a bar where everyone pretends to act like we were best friends and tell me that they missed me oh so much while judging me? No thanks. I am the only one person at this moment in time who can judge myself, you are not allowed to do so when you haven't seen me in five years. 

And yeah, that's where we are having the reunion. A bar. My idiot class decided that the local bar in the town would be the bestest place evaaaar to hold our five year reunion. You know what? I don't drink, but I'm sure if I decide to go to this I will be downing whatever I can just to remind myself that I'm a better person than these people will ever be. But because that is probably what this thing will turn into; a drinking frenzy, I will more than likely be the only sober one laughing in my head about what fools my past classmates are. And yes, I did write that correctly. I will be the only sober one, no doubt what so ever in my mind about that. A fellow classmates mother who owns the bar thought it would be a super swell idea to let her daughter be the host. This is the daughter that showed up drunk at the graduation ceremony. Good call class of 2009!

Plus I have absolutely no desire to listen to people ask over and over what I'm doing in life. You want to know what I'm doing mean girl who has been divorced two times? I'm being an el serial-killer-o and committing larceny on a daily basis! That's what I'm doing. Oh! Also, I don't have kids and would appreciate it if you get your stupid child's picture out of my face. Thank you.

But truthfully, me and the drunk graduation girl and two other people are the only ones who don't have kids! I graduated with 47 people, everyone has a kid! What a topsy turvy world we live in! And everyone is either engaged or married with the exception of myself! Basically I have not now, nor have I ever had anything anything in common with these people. Plus it's not like I have become a famous actor or have won the lottery or moved to Paris or anything like that. I am content with my life, but it's just not something I can brag about at the moment. But even if I did become president of a multi-billion dollar company, I still wouldn't gloat because then I would turn into one of THEM and I refuse to ever let that happen.

On Facebook there are a few students who are attending that I didn't even graduate with! I don't care if you were a part of my class in eighth grade, if you left the school and did not get your diploma from the school everyone else graduated from  then I don't think you have any business showing up. Same goes for you girl who graduated 8 years ahead of us and is some 2009 popular guys sister. 

or this may be more appropriate;

The Facebook invite also said that everyone is welcome to bring a date and/or husband/wife. It actually ENCOURAGED everyone to do so. Goody goody gumdrops. For nothing says happy happy fun times like seeing smoochy smoochy couples and watching their twenty exes look on at them aggressively.

There's also the fact that I no longer communicate with any of the select few 'friends' I had. Most of those people can go kick rocks because they would be lucky to even get a frosty reception out of me when I am on my loveliest behavior. Yeah, you people said we'd stay in touch after high school, YOU LIED. You all lied to me in high school so why should I have expected anything better afterwards?

To finish my rant about how this reunion is more than likely going to suck, I shall live you with a comment by the most jerkiest jerk from my class;
"I'm going to take charge on promoting whatever we're doing. I'm quite sure I know how to get a hold of everyone in our class. 'specially the sexy fine ladies."

You sir, are a special kind of person who I want to punch in the face. Plus there is no way in hell you will be able to get a hold of me because;
1. I don't like you
2. I would not consider myself a sexy lady
3. I dislike you greatly
4. Everything you wrote made me have this reaction and I don't want my face to get stuck that way, which is probably what will happen if I ever see you again.

So yeah, no 5 year class reunion times for me. Give me another 10 and maybe I'll show up. 

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