Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl 2014 Recap

  • Martin Sheen and some other peeps read the Declaration of Independence before the Super Bowl because as we are all aware, a 200+ year old document is TOTALLY related to football.
  • Queen Latifah sang America The Beautiful, not our National Anthem. Please get this straight American citizens. Why they chose Queen Latifah is something I shall ponder on another day.
  • Renee Fleming was amazing as she always is and rocked our National Anthem.
  • FOOTBALL TIME. RAWR. FOOTBALL! Because all football fans say RAWR. It's a thing. 
  • Incase you are like me and only learned yesterday who was playing, it is the Broncos vs. the Seahawks. The Seahawks are the ones with this guy on the team. Take note, he was a communications major.
  • I think this calls for a life lesson, if you can believe anything is possible! Just look how well this man communicates!
  • Coin toss. Some past quarterback guy is flipping the coin. You would think if he was a quarterback once upon a time he would be able to afford his own coat and not have to borrow his wife's. He also messed up the coin toss. Way to go furry coat guy. 
  • Car commercial.
  • Car commercial.
  • Car commercial.
  • Stephen Colbert will never convince me to buy pistachios.
  • A car commercial featuring people slow clapping for some reason.
  • M&M commercial. I kind of liked this one.
  • Coca Cola commercial. It made me mad but not so much that I will tell people to start speaking American. No matter what Twitter tells you, American is not a language.
  • Halftime Show. Bruno Mars man, stop trying to be Phil Collins! I dislike this band greatly. Some of their songs are ok but none of them are worthy of my ipod. Red Hot Chili Peppers could have sang something better than Give It All Away. Next year I want to see Fleetwood Mac. Make it happen.
  • Seinfeld reunion! 
  • Jaguar commercial with Tom Hiddleson. Tom Hiddleson is the best.
  • Downton Abbey time. I don't understand anything that's going on. Something involving touchdowns and how the Broncos are doing poorly.
  • Puppy commercial! EEEEEEEK! The horsey and the puppy are friiieeendddssss!!! I don't even drink beer but the adorable level was completely not ok. 
  • Oikos yogurt commercial with the three men from the Full House cast. I didn't see the commercial when it aired but saw it beforehand so if this does not go with the timeline I apologize. For the record, I don't like Oikos yogurt and I really REALLY don't like Full House. The only reason any person should like Full House is because it gives them a reason to laugh at how unbelievably ludicrous it is. 
  • "Great game right?" NO. Most predictable game ever. As in the Seahawks played like Gryffindor’s while the Broncos played like Hufflepuffs.

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