Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This is Halloween!

Hope everyone's Halloween was fantastical!
Mine was actually pretty good this year. I only had one trick or treater (who was adorable by the way, he was The Cat In The Hat and his mom and dad were Thing 1 and Thing 2. I just found it to be really creative.) I have no idea why trick or treaters don't come to our house other than the fact that we live semi-close to a graveyard. We give out good things and have our little light on for the youngins! Why do they not come?!?!? Seriously, this year we handed out Snickers,Twix, Hersheys, Suckers, Twizzlers, and put it all in a convenient dollar store cup like this;

But for some reason I have never gotten a lot of trick or treaters at my house. I believe that it is because I do not live in the trick or treat zone which is on the longest street in my village where all the houses are trying to outdo each other when it comes to their decorations. 

But despite all of that for some reason the spirit of Halloween was just with me today. ALL DAY. I have always enjoyed Halloween even if I can't go treat or treating anymore. However I CAN still dress up if I feel like it. I was Zombie Barbara two years ago (from Night of the Living Dead) and this year I was an escaped crazy girl from an insane asylum. I really do not understand why I dress up other than the fact that I feel spirited that way, I don't go to parties and I have only ever entered a costume contest once in my life and lost to a little 5 year old because of the age factor. Curse my 10 year old body!!!

In reality October has to be my all time favorite month of the year. Because I can act like a crazy person and it is totally acceptable, or atleast it is on Halloween. This morning I heard Michael Jackson's Thriller and whenever you hear Thriller on the radio your day is going to be fantastic. Same goes for when you hear Thriller and join a little dance group in your college at 10 in the morning. 

Speaking of Halloween at college, I will never understand why some of the girls think going as a 'sexy' whatever is cool. I don't care what Mean Girls says, if you wear something provocative it gives girls every right to talk about it. Please do not degrade Snow White like this;

I understand that you wish to be provocative but in my opinion this type of costume just doesn't fit the Halloween theme of 'scary.' I cannot respect Sexy Snow White and sadly, some guys can't either. In my opinion if you want to look nice and actually fit what Halloween is all about I would recommend something like this;

But overall it's your life, do whatever you want to do.

Other than some of the female costumes at college though Halloween college time was pretty great. There were a lot of great costumes I saw as well. For some reason 'zombie' is the theme this year. I pulled of zombie years ago, you all are a little behind the times. XD The Shakespeare teacher gave the class candy, which was appropriate because we had to sit through the most sleep worthy documentary in the history of the earth.  The music teacher let everyone out early, and some guy brought in candy for my theatre class. Overall college today = candy. 

Halloween should be about candy though, or at least candy is a part of what makes Halloween so great. My mom actually brought me home some DOTS today which was really cool considering those are one of my favorite candies next to Raisinets and Pop Rocks. I admit that I do have wacky tastes when it comes to my favorite candies. The DOTS will more than likely be gone by the end of the week.

My question to the readers of this blog, just for fun, what is your favorite part about Halloween and what is your all time favorite candy?

Hope ya'll had a very Happy Halloween!!! 

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