Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Like everyone else I am truly sorry and upset for what happened to the people at the midnight showing of the Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado. Deeply saddened that human beings are capable of such horrific acts. My heart goes out to everyone who has suffered from this along with the families/friends/acquaintances etc. 

Today many people in my philosophy class were talking about having the killer executed. I say "the killer" because 

1. Giving him attention by giving him a name is just a way to boost his ego for what he has done. He does not deserve that. In my opinion the news channels really need to stop showing his face as well along with naming him  things like "The movie theater murderer."  I actually just saw Anderson Cooper interview some of the people who were in the theater along with the victim's families and that is what this should be about, the people who were hurt or could have been hurt, not the one who's main goal was to hurt.

2. He is not an 'alleged' killer. He is just a killer, plain and simple.

My stance on execution for this dude is no. The reason being that he is the type who will see death as an escape from the consequences of his actions. I think life in prison without parole along with barring him from receiving protective custody and solitary confinement. I can completely understand the human reaction of "that SOB of a monster killed people so he should be killed" but will that solve the problem or prevent it from happening again? This story does not sound like the refular "he was shy and bullied and is no seeking revenge and taking it out on random people." This is a bit more different and delusional.

Now I've been paying some attention to this news story and I keep hearing that this guy is INSANE. Obviously he could not have been all there in the head if he actually carried through with this and made detailed plans beforehand on how he was going to succeed. From what has came out so far about him, along with how he is currently acting, he sounds like he is a Schizophrenic to a small degree. He was a top student- but recently his grades plummeted. Schizophrenia usually develops when someone is in their late twenties and I believe that was around his age. But either way just because someone has developed a disorder that is no reason for them to get away with murder. 

However, this guy could very well be sane. The nazi's were never mentioned as insane in any history book that I have read and they did some pretty damn awful things. We also know that this guy was obviously angry about something. Anger is not a form of insanity. This entire insanity plea thing rests on if he has any real understanding of having committed the act, and subsequently of the act having been wrong. Thankfully the plea has not come up yet.

Also, I'm curious as to how it is relevant that this guy was "a loner, quiet, and shy." Many people are like that,  it does not mean they have any intentions of causing harm to innocent civilians. People who are like this do not usually get obsessed with making explosives, buying guns, and pretending they are the Joker whilst dying their hair the wrong color for said character. This is probably what is getting on my nerves, considering it makes others suspicious of quiet people and want to go on a witch hunt for them which is truly lame. Every-time a murder happens said guy or girl is automatically pinned down as the "quiet loner type."  Since when has it been the father with a loving wife and a newborn child who makes millions of dollars by selling Tommy Hilfiger cologne? That's right, never. If it's not relevant to the case don't bring it up.  

Again my heart goes out to the victims and their families. May God or whatever you believe in keep you well.

*I do not wish to see arguments on my blog about this. Please take your political debates and offensive comments somewhere else.*

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