Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sorry For Sucking =(

I have been busy busy busy! I promise to try and never take this long to update ever again!
I am currently still at college with my crazy cracker jack of a professor who's goal in life is to not do his job! Seriously we had midterms yesterday and instead of grading them he wanted us to hand it to the kid in front of us or behind us. Students grading each others midterms?

Sure I did good but little Susie junior who sucks in all of her classes does not need to be ridiculed for sucking. I actually got a 128/150 which is 84% I believe? Because he thought that rephrasing all of the terms would help us learn more about philosophy!!!Oh and our paper is due on the 18th and guess who hasn't started hers yet? =O

In other news I do believe that if I do not do something theatre related soon I am going to explode. Just yesterday I was singing show tunes for two hours straight. I just recently emailed a theatre company about an internship and another about an audition but none of them have emailed me back and this was two or so weeks ago so either I'm being incredibly impatient or they just hate me!!! =/

Speaking of theatre, I'm not sure how many people even read this blog but if you could PLEASE please please vote for Jane Eyre for the 2013 season at this Indiana theatre that would be super cool and I'd appreciate it very much.

If that becomes the musical I'm train tripping it down there and auditioning considering Ms.Eyre is pretty much my dream role.

Other than that nothing much has happened that is worth mentioning. Hope everyone has a great day today and in the words of Ellen DeGeneres, be kind to one another. 

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