Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Slangy Quote Slang

May I kindly ask a favor to the fellow inhabitants of the world? STOP USING STUPID SLANG ALONG WITH OVERUSED QUOTES AND PHRASES!
I know what you're going to say; "U mad bro?" Yes, indeed I am! Please stop for five seconds and think before saying/typing stupid things. 
Now I shall list the ones that get me 'mad.'

"The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for."- Bob Marley 
I love Bob Marley, truly he was shall always remain great. But  everyday I see another person quoting this and it get's annoying. I am just tired of his quote being used over and over and over again, please be creative and find something else. Personally I do not believe in suffering for people, that's not love,kindness, or friendship. The majority of the people using this quote have never voluntarily listened to Bob Marley in their life, sad but true.

Lawlz or lulz- Basically LOL but more idiotic. Say these two out loud in a random conversation and you shall see how idiotic it is.
Guy 1: And then I broke my leg
Guy 2: Lawlz!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Guy 1: 0_o
Guy 2: *Excluded from every conversation because LAWLZ should never be said. EVER.*

"You've got enemies? Good. That means you actually stood up for something."- Eminem or Winston Churchill  or Ernest Hemingway or Eleanor Roosevelt. Nobody really knows the original person who said it.  I would just like to point out that some do not have enemies for standing up for something. Some people have enemies because they are a downright bitch.

"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb." Oh Stephanie Meyer, how everything you write is hilarious. How does that even make sense? Lions eat and kill everything. Circle of Life. 

Swag/sawggy/swaggster/mcswaggin- NO! Not in my society!

I'm jelly- Jelly=jealous. I do not approve of people telling me that they are jelly, nor do I wish to know that people can become a tasty  type of grape topping on toast!

Yolo. This pretty much sums it up;

Trippy- As in "I'm so trippy today"- No you're not, you are stoned or off your rocker. Stop lying.

Blates- As in "blatantly" which is a stupid word as well.

Totes!- A new slang word for totally. Exactly why can't we pronounce the 3 syllables? Why?!?!? 

Dunzo- "Me and him are so dunzo." IT IS NOT A WORD PEOPLE! If someone says this one more time I swear I'm going to go samurai on them.

Chillax- This has to be my absolute least favorite word in existence. I shall never be a person to chill when someone or something is irritating me. Saying that I need to "chillax" only makes me 100 times more upset.

Adorkable- Ugh. 

 Preggers- As in "pregnant" Why not just say that you are pregnant? IS IT SO HARD?!?!? 

Same goes for

Baby mommy/Baby daddy- >_<

 Splitsville- Another word that has no business being in the american language. It is just incredibly stupid and needs to die.

Squares- In better name for cigarettes. Are cigarettes even square shaped? No? Then shut up.

 "It is what it is"- No. It is what I say it is and I say it's a unicorn!

 Sonny- As in "You got that sonny?" 

 The phrase "No offense" when said out of context. Too late you already offended me.

Biotch- We all know what you mean, adding an o doesnt make it any better.

Same goes for "hella"

Shawtie- I dont even know what this means. Its HELLA stupid.

 Ridic- Short for ridiculous. 

Sick- Used out of context a lot. Usually it is something like "My skateboard did a sick trick!" That is pretty much impossible. 

Fo sho- Ummm what did you just say? I think I should be offended by that...

Dope- As in "thats so dope!" Unless you are talking about the drug I am almost positive whatever is going on isnt dope.

Awesomized- X_X

For the win!- Exactly what am I winning?

Get R Done- The worst thing to come out of anyone's mouth EVER. 

'You know how we do'- No I really do not nor do I care to know.

Oh and I heard one last semester by these three girls in my class, the proper name for an elderly person these days is a coffin dodger. I must admit that made me laugh. 

I'm sure I forgot a couple but for the love of humanity stop with the slangadociousness and the stupid saying and overused quotes!!!

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