Monday, July 2, 2012

I Had A Dream My Life Would Be So Different From This Hell I'm Living

I have been out of college for break since Monday. I am ready to go back. I knew it was going to be awful since Tuesday when I was forced to go over to my aunt's for "family barbecue time." I cannot deal with my family, being around them too long causes me to have extremely horrible thoughts.
 I cannot relate to any of them for I am the black sheep. Here is a description of every single one of them;
Dad- Alcoholic who would rather spend time with his girlfriend than give me a single ounce of attention
Mom- Every thing that is bad in the world in one person
Aunt- Hateful
Cousin- Like her mother only worse and likes everything "popular" in today's society and has high hopes in life to be the 6th Kardashian sister. And she is friends with the people in my high school class who made my life horrible.
Grandmother- Literal definition of insane and she hates everything and everyone. She is not a good example of the way a grandmother is supposed to act.

But anyways I go over to my aunt's house and like always I am in a corner away from everyone as they talk about life and society and whatever else fancies them. Around the time we were supposed to dine my cousin walks over to me and states that her friend is a true actress that has starred in movies and how someone like me could not be as good as her and that I need to find a new career path. I responded by telling her that I shall do whatever I wish to with my life and that she should not concern herself over it. My aunt then walks into the room and goes on a tangent about how I will live here the rest of my life and if I was so 'great' I would have been in a movie by now. Yes, because it is an unwritten rule that all actors must make an appearance in movies.

At dinner I was asked by my aunt if I had a boyfriend yet. Of course I don't. Everyone laughed like it was the most amusing thing in the world to them. After I was finished I went to go pet the cat who is just as avoided as me when my family started talking about what a pathetic case I am. I politely excused myself from the house on account of being 'sick' and walked a mile or so back to my house. Nobody even noticed my absence. When I arrived back home my mom was just glad that I found something to do to get out of her sight.

The 4th was ok. The fireworks were quite good this year and I was able to see an old friend again which will more than likely be the highlight of my week.

Overall this post is just to get out some of my feelings which I have been having lately. I shall survive.


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