Monday, March 30, 2009

Sick of People

I am so sick of people. Actually its not the people I am sick of but more likely how people can BE.

No one seems to care about my opinion. Ever, maybe they are just caught up in their own little world and because Im short they find myself not as important as others. No one ever technically listens to me.

During play practice yesterday we all got split up into acts 3,4,and 5 of Hamlet. Me, thinking I would possibly get Ophelia's crazy scene because heck, I'm crazy and I like crazy people. But no. I realized that my life really sucks. I am never Ophelia.I am never Gertrude. I am Laertes, soldier number 3 and Rosencrantz. . Needless to say I'm kind of sad. I'm sad just writing this.

I know that in the life of theatre you cant always get the roles you so desire but this is ridiculous. I was in this play LONG before everyone else and even went to all the stupid breathing exercise workshops and since day one I stated that I wished and hoped and dreamed of being Ophelia. I get her brain yo! But because older children (out of college) are older I get stuck being soldier number 3. 

I also found out today that I am apparently not funny. I had all subs today in school and in choir class I got really bored so me and two of my friends played hangman(my idea.) The whole class then joined in (atleast those who weren't at the band festival with my teacher) and one jerk of a kid wrote on the bored THE SUB IS A JOKE (as the sub was watching). After that it was my turn so I wrote that the kid who wrote that was also a joke and nobody found that funny, because really, why would they? I'm defending the sub! Then another boy writes on the board in hangman formation that I am emo which is the most idiotic thing I have ever heard. I wouldn't even know how to be emo if I tried! 

This morning I also slammed my hand in the car door so now my hand is all bruised! I can barely type right now and I should probably get off before typing something I regret. I'm signing off, bye bye!

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