Monday, March 16, 2009


So on Sunday the stupid kid who lives next door to me who is my age and all of his little druggie friends found it a WISE idea to break my trampoline. These kids haven't liked me since 6th grade considering my best friend used to have a crush on my neighbor and he found out about it and yeah a whole bunch of lame drama.

I usually go with my dad on Sundays because its the only time I ever get to see him and when I came home my mom points out in the yard and goes "Why is our trampoline down?" It was flipped over and a whole bunch of the parts were sprawled all over. Luckily my step dad was able to fix it, his exact words and I quote, "Im quite disappointed with these kids considering if they are going to break something they should have broke it right."

Then today the lame kids were all like YEAH WE KNOCKED OVER HER TRAMPOLINE WHOO!! I told them if they come in my yard again they are going to be arrested because I would be calling the cops about vandalism (they are all 18. All of them can go to jail and I wouldnt have any second thoughts about it.)

But for some brighter, happier, news, yesterday when I had play practice the director/assistant director and everyone told me the perfect job for me would be to be an anime voice actor (one of my dream jobs!)
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