Sunday, March 29, 2009

Not Acceptable Behavior!

One of the top 100 rules about humans: People are stupid and will do unexpected things.

I finally realized for the first time ever an important acting tip today: there are good directors and bad directors. And if you must say no then sometimes its for the best. 

Last night when me and my friend went up to Hamlet play practice we were acting out a scene where Hamlet gets mad at Gertrude. I got paired up with a very nice guy with and at the end I got paired up with my friends partner. I already have problems with him considering he singles me out every play practice asking if I can go to freaking matinee shows or not. Um, maybe if you stopped singling me out infront of everyone and being such a jerk and let me talk I would have an answer for you! 

So getting on with my story. I am paired up with this assitant director jerk and he comes over to me and tells me that he wants to abuse me and throw me around on stage. Okay, sure,whatever. I'm cool with that.

 Well what he didn't tell me was that he was going to throw me on top of the dead guys body and move my leg up and down to make suggestive scenes. THAT creeped me out A LOT! Like, no. Not acceptable behavior. I felt dirty. Not only that but my friend got punched in the nose. 

Needless to say I am not enjoying this play at all. We get our lines on Monday. Hopefully it will be for the best!

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