Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Once Again, This is Not Okay

I was just on Tumblr a few minutes ago (I'm a new Tumblrererererer!) and this somehow surfaced on my Tumblr wall; 

Now, this is not okay. People would probably miss whoever wrote this but we can't be 100% sure for we more than likely do not know this person. However, this person needs to know that someone is there for them and they need to know that there is someone out there who doesn't want them to leave this life just yet, even if that person is just a person who came upon this on the Internet.
However, instead of helping this person or communicating with the person who wrote this or sending a message on Tumblr to this person saying "I'm here if you want to talk" someone decided that it would be a tremendous idea to victim blame and reblog it 1,000 times. Shaming someone for their suicidal thoughts is not the way to go. I am not for victim blaming or yelling at someone who has these thoughts and you can very well understand that from the first time I read a stupid response like this which I commented about on this very blog;

Here's the response towards the person who is contemplating this;

Fuck this post
Fuck this post so much.
You want a “Why not?”
How about the way your best friend’s older sister will throw up by the side of the road because she’s crying so hard (Here we go...)
How about the way your best friend will sob for weeks in her showers, in her bedroom, in the bathroom at school (If this person was really a 'best friend' then they should have realized what was going on before this happened. Usually a suicidal person will confront someone before attempting, 40% of the time they will talk to their best friend if they have one. 52% of suicidal people don't have a best friend or even a friend for that matter.)
How about the way your mother will cry every time she looks at herself in the mirror and pictures herself bringing you home (Friiiiick)
How about the way your father’s eyes will NEVER stop mirroring the image of your hanging body (That is a complete abstraction! Maybe this person didn't hang themselves. Maybe they jumped in front of a car or off of the Golden Gate Bridge. Not everyone who leaves this earth does so with a noose around the neck.) 
How about the way your boyfriend will sit in his room in silence, unable to eat or sleep, or even to fucking shower, because why would he want to continue without you (But what if this person doesn't HAVE  a boyfriend? AHHH. This is only getting incredibly more insulting by the minute.) 
How about the way the girl who called you a brother will start crying every time she sees your parents (The girl who called you a brother? How can this be if said person was a GIRL? In that case they would be a sister, not a brother. You see, I can assume random things too.) 
How about the way your family will sit in your house after the funeral looking blankly at one another, because god knows they can’t find a fucking thing to say that doesn’t just float through the air where you should be walking (How about we STOP trying to make this suicidal person feel guilty for thinking badly about themselves by posting stupid things like this. This sentence just made me think about how someone could become Casper and that is the most terrifying thing I've come up with while reading this. ) 
How about the way your sister will wake up every morning and see your door and convince herself that you could still be there, just sleeping in your bed (This person IS Casper! This is starting to get scary. Imagine the 'sister' going into the dead persons room and they just pop out of the bed and yell SURPRISE! Scarred for life little sister would be.) 
How about the way your ex girlfriend will come over and pull your clothes from the drawers and cry while she holds them desperately to her face to breathe in what’s left of you (This person has a girlfriend and a boyfriend? Um. I don't think society finds that acceptable. Some people can't get either.) 
Don’t you dare tell me it won’t change things
There may be stars in the sky and wind in the air and sun in the clouds
But without you we do not want them
(Hold up a minute. You cannot get rid of the stars or the sky or the wind or the air or the clouds just because you don't want them. Science doesn't work like that.) 
Don’t you dare be selfish enough to believe you aren’t important to us (Who is 'us' and calling a person selfish will more than likely not change their mind. It may actually hurt them even more than they are already hurting. Way to go.) 
So fuck this post
and fuck this romanticism of suicide
and fuck you for leaving my sister to cry in her room when she thinks nobody can hear (What?!?!? I did no such thing! I do believe you may want to talk this problem out with your sister .,stop going on the Internet and writing stupid things like this!) 

No. This is unacceptable. The person who wrote those words in the black box wrote them in hopes that someone would listen and be there for him or her and placed her words on the Internet in hopes that someone, anyone, would listen. But instead they get a response like this with a whole bunch of other people backing  the comment up saying the way this person is feeling is BS. That's not okay and it really makes me mad. Don't write stuff like this. Don't make up  stupid assumptions and write them down in a story like format and think that it will help the person reconsider their feelings, because it won't. In most cases tough love also does not work. So how about we stop with the madness and the romanticizing of stupid suicide scenario things based on the fact that it doesn't help! I am very passionate about this subject and am sick of reading stupid things like this. 

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