Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Unexpected Things Happen At Auditions

Well yesterday was super fantastic fun!
I went to an audition for a musical and ended up getting my nose broken!
Well not broken exactly, more like spouts of blood came oozing out of my nose after a 6'5 guy punched it with his fists stretched outward during a dance sequence. I am 5'0. Bad idea to put a 6'5 guy next to a 5'0 girl during a dance with twists and jazz hands and punchy fists!

Now this was a new theatre to me and I never auditioned there before so I wanted to make a good impression and I'm almost POSITIVE that did not make a good impression. And the guy didn't even say he was sorry! Jerk. Instead he was all "Haha, oops!" Yeah, guess what dude? I'm going to oops your face and twist it up horribly in a non-happy manner and it will be twisted so bad that your mother won't even recognize you. And when people ask what happened you can say "I accidentally made this girl at an audition bleed and she didn't take kindly to that so she oops'd up my face! Haha OOPS! " Oops indeed. But instead of killing this guy I decided to keep on dancing like nothing was wrong.

They dance ended about a minute after that happened, but I guess I wasn't doing a very good job of holding my nose in pain whilst trying to boogie down like the rest of the people for the director asked me what was up as soon as the dance ended. Some people came up to me and asked if I was alright but a lot of them just stood back and they really could have cared less. One older lady even took me to the bathroom and gave me instructions as to what I should do so I don't lose my nose via Voldemort style. I put ice on my nose as soon as I got home, for that was her instruction and honestly it did seem to help and I owe her a great deal and I thank her lots and give her hugs and gummy bears for being so awesome.

But I give myself credit, I didn't stop dancing and I kept up with them all. Bwahahahaha. But it seems that dancing through the pain didn't matter to the people because I wasn't cast. Friiiick. What makes it even worse is that the guy who caused my suffering WAS. What is up with that? Not cool casting people! Not cool in the least!

Still, you know what is cool? Going to a musical and throwing a bowling bowl at the guy who swelled up my nose then possibly being banned from the theatre for life! I probably won't do that, but the thought has obviously crossed my mind more than once.

Overall it is a pretty funny story to tell people though. "Yeah, I auditioned for this musical and I thought I was doing really well until some guy punched me in the nose and I started bleeding. And I wasn't even cast."

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