Thursday, March 21, 2013

Idiots on Facebook Round 3, I Think?

I play this game a lot on my twitter. It's not really a game per-say but it makes me laugh every time I play it. Basically you go on someones profile who you didn't like in school or don't like in general, and copy and paste their stupid status if it's worth re-posting  There is only one way to not get involved with this game; Make your profile private or type like a normal human being. If you choose not to follow these rules you are fair game.

We shall begin!

I like da cowboys n angles song!- Cowboys and Angles? Not familiar with that one. Then again I'm not all that familiar with much country music these days but adding anything mathematical into any type of song will automatically make it strange. 

DJs shorts blueberry yuuup- I will admit to looking up what this guy was trying to say. Apparently a dj shorts blueberry is a type of marijuana. Why would anyone care about what type of illegal drug you are doing? This type of status just makes me want to create my own status and say "Diet Coke!" to see if anyone will like it and care about my beverage of choice.

hillin wit my homies on the porch in the hood- Translation; I am on a hill with my friends on a porch in a bad part of the town's  neighborhood. What makes this status so funny is that this guy lives in my town and we don't have a "hood" anywhere near here. Or a hill anywhere near a porch for that matter. 

 im so fuckkin sick of this BULLSHIT!!!fer real tho;; they DONT kno SHIT bout what they think they do. its lookin like we bout ta have to prove them wrong, jus like we had ta do with em.- I can't even translate this monstrosity. I am going to assume that this girl thinks she is "bad" so she likes to type thought provoking statuses and type scaaaary threats at people who are obviously not on her friends list. She'll show em though.  Ain't nobody gonna prove dem wrong! 

Mugz 4 hunging.- Translation; Hanging up mug shots. I didn't even know people did that anymore. 

Hello Fam!..(For some reason I doubt this guy only has family on his facebook. I don't enjoy being called "fam" it makes me feel like I'm in a crazy cult) Oh Snap...After a BEAUTIFUL RESTED NAP..Lol.. (that's so funny! LOL. RESTED NAP! As opposed to the kind of nap where you don't sleep!) My mind is clear and ready to rock. Abt (I think they are trying to teach us the alphabet! EFK...)_  to finished up watching up the 2nd Season of GOLDEN~GIRLS.. (Golden Girls is a great show. Really, it is.) Than Abt to knock this nglsh Hmewrk out. (From the way you are typing, I severely doubt your english homework stands a chance.) U Knw How I Do!..(NO! I really DON'T know how you do and I really do not want to know!) Make It Do Wht It Do..An Then Sum..Have a GREAT NIGHT FAM.. (I don't even know what he's trying to tell us anymore other than he thinks we are related which we are not. He is a creepy sir.)

Hvin a daughtr sux!- Dear guy who wrote this, maybe you should have thought about this before banging the girl and impregnating her! This status really made me mad. It's your own fault you have a daughter now, and you should love her and act like an adult considering you made the choice to have sex. If the outcome is not what you wanted then it's your own damn fault for not waiting in the first place. 

That's all that I found for now. I'm thinking of doing this every month or so. It is my hope that one day I won't have to do this but for some reason I think that may take awhile.

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