Friday, September 26, 2014

Theatre Tag!

I don't believe that I have participated in this tag before now. And as always, nobody tagged me so I just tagged myself because I really wanted to do this! 

1. How old are you?

I am 23 years of age.

2. When did you start getting into theatre?

When I was five years old. I was in Annie and I played an orphan. From what I can remember our Annie didn't even have red hair and they didn't even put a wig on her so we had a 13 year old girl with long, straight blonde hair playing our Annie because BUDGET. 

3. How many shows have you been in?

I'm not exactly sure of the exact number but I believe it is around 25-30.

4. Favorite role ever played?

I cannot think of a role that I haven't loved. But any character that is completely off their rocker has been my favorite. 

5. A tip you give to new theatre kids

Just don't die!

6. Biggest theatre pet peeves?

Ohhh I have A LOT. But my top three:
1. Freaking theatre divas. 
2. Actors questioning or complaining about the notes they are given. Just take the damn note!
3. Directors who cast the same people in the leads for every. single. show. when it is clear that other people do audition. The actors may be good but I think it would be nice to give someone else a chance just once in awhile!
4. Patti Lupone.

7. Biggest strength? Biggest weakness?

I'm good at the acting aspect and can fake the dancing. Singing is not my strong point but I do love to sing. I should probably take some more lessons to become better at singing. 

8. Who is your biggest inspiration in theatre?

I have many but Angela Lansbury is up there.

9. What's your dream role?

Mrs. Lovett- Sweeney Todd

10. Plays or Musicals 

I like both. I'm not too picky. =P

11. Favorite improv game?

Frickity frack. I suck at all theatre games. ALL OF THEM. If I learn that I have to play a theatre game the night after a rehearsal I won't be able to sleep that night because I will be freaking out.

12. Favorite show?

Sweeney Todd. I swear nothing will ever beat that show.

13. Most awkward onstage moment?

When I was a freshman in high school and in my first college production on opening night I almost lost it backstage and had to hold my tears back because me and this other guy were the people who knew their lines and everyone else was making the production look foolish by not having their lines down. 

14. Best offstage moment?

When I was an understudy a lady from another theatre came up to me and told me how proud she was of me. I told her I wasn't even in the production and she gave me a hug and said that understudies have the most difficult jobs with the least amount of respect. I will always remember that. 

15. Worst audition?

Oklahoma! We don't talk about Oklahoma!

16. Least favorite show?

Carousel. God do I hate Carousel. And Cats! But at least Cats is fun to make fun of where as there are no good and redeeming qualities to Carousel.

17. Most challenging role to play?

Nobody has ever given me a challenging role, and that kind of sucks considering that means nobody has any confidence in me.

18. What would you do if theatre didn't exist?

I would be pretty darn sad truth be told. 

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