Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"At his head a grass-green turf, At his heels a stone."

Music: Passage by Vienna Teng

Today in literature class our teacher told us that we were going to be acting out/ doing a read through of Hamlet and then went on about the story and how everyone pretty much dies at the end. Before she could even ask what character everyone wanted to be I raised my hand in the air and say "Ophelia!"
Seriously, that is exactly what happened.
Teacher: Ok so we will be acting out this classic piece and I have to ask you guys what character you want to- *sees my hand in the air* >name<"
Me: Ophelia!
Then this girl in my class who sits two chairs diagonally infront of  me turns around and goes "NO! I wanted Ophelia!"
Too bad. You have to be a little quicker next time! I have wanted this role since I read the play back in 09. Trust me, you will not get this part from me unless I am dead.

Then everyone else starts saying what character they want to be and one girl who is really nice actually turned and asked what role she should go for and I told her that the ghost of Hamlet's father was pretty badass considering everyone else was going for Polonius and Fortinbras and basically the main characters. Ghost of Hamlet's Father basically makes the play in my opinion. So the nice girl took that part based on my suggestion and I'm just REALLY hoping she likes it.

Well obviously not everyone liked their part, mostly the girls, because some of them had to play *gasp* Horatio or *gasp* Guildenstern! One girl even thought Gertrude was a man. Well these girls for the first time ever are speaking to me and trying to be my best friend because they want to read the part of Ophelia. I was even BRIBED.

NO FOOLS! I am Ophelia, back off! I'm sorry you are not, be happy with the characters you got, none of them are that bad!

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