Saturday, September 24, 2011

Let Da Worz Of Laminess Begin!

^ For the record it hurt my head to even type that title. Also for the record, these are all true things that someone wrote. I don't even think I'm creative enough to come up with some of these. More will probably be added in the future because let's face it, people think typing like this is the cool thing to do nowadays and frankly, that disturbs me greatly.

Here we go!

Like fo a TBH && don't get maid if you don't like it.- Fo is not a word. TBH I am guessing stands for to be honest? And I don't even know how I could possibly 'get maid' for I do not have a working maid permit.

 Huave 1 class thrustday and than the other on mondays and wensdays- The words Thrustday and Wensdays made it for me.

I got admit i got to admit i felt bad cuz of wat u said cuz i did luv u.. but den u thought to myself i u (You thought to myself?0_o)  can claim some other guy ur man why shouldn't i.. shit if u dont care why should i.. i hate fake ppl! Fuk it i dont need anyone to be happy.. just live my life at large and not giv a fuk cuz being to nice can kill u so... - I feel that this is supposed to be a song lyric. Or a death sentence. Either way can someone please explain to me what they are carrying on about?

I'm a take responsibility 4 bring'n it bakk they rap'n wit hostility mean'n they wakk... but then again i feel em know'n dat they up against a nigga just like myself that'll kill em.- Yes. Kill their brain cells quite possibly!
Hes da type of GANGSTA ive been lookiin for & yes yull gett slapped iif yuhh lookiin HOE!! - This one has to be my favorite so far. I am apparently a hoe because I am looking for a type of gangsta. Lol!
went to da sto' wit alz my peepz fo sum chippz- That's great! I went to the store once when I was in third grade just like you! Bad memories... =P
A conversation about the fools of people talking correctly in the english language:
Word yo. Dat shiz driv me krazy
wut eva beaaatch
Itz bitchez getz it corrected foooo!
...Maybe in 1984 if I was quoting Mr. T this conversation would be normal!
Yuh Soo Stupid Whyy Would Yuh Write On Wall & den put Dha Numbera Uqqhhh Soo SLOW But I Still Lovee Yuh MARiE .- I feel sorry for you Marie.
Dear justin bieber,
whyy are yuh so cutee(: lik fo'reals
wen i cee yuh name or yuhr face i think to myself omg justin bieber n sumtimez i scream it to.! So dee reason for diz is well stop being so cutee( :! Jk dnt do dat.!(: i luv yuh.!-
This is just full of so much fail it's unbelievable.

Eish guyz, they is nothin datannoyz me, lyk a strange hu calz me with dffnt namez, dat i dnt knw,th so- calld, bo-malebogo, tsotso! e.t.c eish! Whts!! wrong with dis typ of men- Calm down Shirley. My question is what is wrong with your hand? Is it broken so much that you can't spell correctly?
Sooo therez diz qurl nd she iz obsessed wit meh nd i dnt lik her i jst wanna be friendz wit her buht she wanna be more dan friendz buht i dnt wanna hurt her wht do i do!!! xO- Kill her. With a knife. A BIG knife.

Layn on da couch watchn a movie wid my bby gurl ;) I so luv lil momentz lik diz gots Mommyswag- Mommyswag? That's a new one- one that I will try to forget ever reading.
boutah go tu da mall wait on diz hurricane imma be one of da last few left fresh iz hell lmao lik seasson # ×_× fried- Ummm there are a few things wrong with what you are about to do:
1. Going to da mall during a hurricane- not smart
2. If you were the last few people left on earth it would be a sad, sad day.
iM sO tIrEd oG dIz bItChZ aLwZ iN mY sHt LiK bItCh gEt yO oWn LyFe n bAk dA fUk oFf mInE aLrEaDy sHhTt fUk U bItCh n yO fAkE aZ fRnDz . . fUk a bItCh- I lIke To TaLk LyK dIs To MaKe A PoInT aNd SoUnD sTuPiD.
R keLLy dayZ we WAs pissIN oN heR bHUt u WifEd heR REd liGHt gREEn lIGHT hoMIe waT iT b'z liK taK a looK diZ iZ waT deM g'z liK$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$COKE BOYz- Ah yes, the good ole coke boys. Boys who sell coca cola for money.
Feelin like fukk it mufuckaz B frontin dnt jakk 2 me diz shit aint nuttin my nigga lik fukk dat letz get 2 da money N im still smokin drinkz steady comin laughin at u 4 thinkin i wuz dummy u funny- I have no reaction towards this except:


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