Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Parade in Concert

Or as an alternate title:
Why Is Life So Unfair To Me?
*Warning: Lots of profanities will be said.*

Just learned about an hour ago that this guy who I used to go to high school with is going to be in a Broadway show for one night in the chorus. He get's to go to the Lincoln Center to perform Parade. Now this wouldn't piss me off so much if it wasn't this punk ass bastard. This guy used to make fun of me for being in drama class. When I was one of the only two people in my school who was in Hamlet he told me that I was was probably the only one who auditioned because Shakespeare sucks and they were probably lacking female talent. He was also on my soccer team and started screaming at me one day in front of our entire team, the opposing team, and soccer watchers because I didn't do the cool down because I had rehearsal and "rehearsal is stupid and isn't as important as soccer" and "You must hate your team and everyone here if you really leave them at the very end of a difficult game to go to play practice."  Oh and fyi, running at an extremely fast pace back and forth across the field after we lost a game should not have been called a cool down, it should be called mega stupid.
He also made it pretty clear that he hated choir considering he only joined the class to get an "easy A." And to quote him about the "drama nerds" (his words, not mine); "Theatre is stupid because none of it is real." 
So yes, I can totally see why this jerk get's to be on Broadway. Oh! And it gets even better! Come to find out, he has only been in theatre for year at Southwestern Michigan University! Because as the old saying goes, when you do theatre for only a year you usually get to end up on Broadway! AAAAHHH! I AM SO FURIOUS RIGHT NOW! Like, you can join theatre whether you're 12 or 212, theatre has no age limit. But when you get to perform on Broadway after only a year of being on stage that just doesn't seem right to me and makes me incredibly sad. And then it makes me enraged. Yes, you can be fantastic after only two days of stage work, but for those of us who have been performing since they were 3 years of age, it's a kick in the stomach to watch people like this get the lead in a show or go to Broadway.  Yes, I will admit to being jealous. I will also admit to having a mental breakdown and crying for a few hours after the news that this undeserving miscreant get's to be singing one of the most powerful musicals in NYC while I sit here in nowheresville Michigan trying to book any role for any play/musical that I can. And lately I have struck out because my life sucks and luck is never on my side.
Plus this was at the LINCOLN CENTER. You know what else has just recently played at the Lincoln Center? Sweeney Todd. And you know who was in this version of Parade? Jeremy Jordan (loved him on SMASH. And in Newsies. And on the Bonnie&Clyde album.) Laura Benanti (I follow her on twitter and she's kind of the coolest. Plus she's a fantastic actress.) Katie Rose Clarke (I came THIS close to seeing her as Glinda in Wicked!)  and Ramin Karimloo (He's the most awesome person ever. If you don't like this guy then you have brain issues which need solving.)  And after finding out who was cast and where this was to be performed I asked myself; Why am I not dead yet? 

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