Thursday, January 1, 2015

Stupid Parties Celebrating Yearly Stupidness

Halfway into January 1st and we learn that the evil blonde girl who got the lead in a theatre production and acted like a huge diva is now engaged. Not only is she engaged but she got engaged five minutes after midnight at a theatre party which I wasn't invited to and just learned about. Seriously, this is the email that was apparently sent out;

">Name of the college's theatre< is looking forward to a small New Year's gathering with some very important Acting Class alums from back in the day this evening!" 

Well gee golly! Considering I took the very first class with this adjunct professor (who is now the director of the college's theatre department) you would think I'd be invited but NOPE. Kids who took the damn class five months ago were invited but not me! You know because nothing screams "back in the day" like recent class takers!!! I also did not enjoy the wording of "important acting class alums." I'm sorry, but is the reason I didn't get an invite to this festivity is because they didn't feel that I was important? Because if that's the case, they can all go to hell! But I'm guessing they just forgot about me (typical) or only wanted blondeys closest friends there to share in the proposal moment. But the last one is just a lame reason to throw a party and in my nonexistent heart I'd like to think better of these traitors. 

But I'm totally not bitter about this AT ALL. It's not like I didn't have things to do on New Year's. I was invited to plenty of small gatherings because I'm such a likable person. =P 

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